Transfer of rights

1. Transfer of rights

By uploading the image, SV-M GmbH is granted the simple right of unlimited use, in terms of time, territory and transferability, to use and exploit the image comprehensively, also with the aim of commercial use. The granting of rights expressly includes all known and unknown forms of presentation, in particular the possibility of showing the image on the website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube as well as in other media besides the Internet. In particular, SV-M GmbH is granted the following temporally and territorially unrestricted and transferable simple rights of use:

  • the right of replication, publication and distribution, i.e. the right to reproduce the image without limitation and to publish it, by using any technical means, in particular through digital publication on the internet and other media;
  • the right to make the image available on demand, i.e. the right to save the image, to keep it available for third parties, to transfer it to a third party, in all analog or digital electronic databases, electronic data networks and networks of telecommunication services;
  • the right of public displaying, i.e. the right to show the image commercially or non-commercially, by means of sound carriers, image carriers, multimedia carriers or other data carriers, in particular magnetic tapes, magnetic tape cassettes, image discs, chips, in all formats, by using all analog or digital processes and techniques;
  • the right to modify the image, i.e. the right to change and edit the image in any way, either by SV-M GmbH or by third parties, in particular for the purpose of using the image for other media, while preserving the personal rights of the author;
  • the right of advertising, i.e. the right to use the image for advertisement on the Internet and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, as well as in other media besides the Internet, in particular on television, in films and in print media.

The granting of rights also includes the use of the image in extracts and the use in relation to other works.

By providing the image, naming of the author is waived.

The granting of rights of use is irrevocable.

2. Guarantee of rights

By uploading the image it is guaranteed that the image is free from third party rights, that you are solely entitled to dispose of the aforementioned rights without restriction and free from third party rights, and that you have not already disposed of or will not dispose of these rights, either fully or partly.

Moreover, you guarantee that all necessary declarations of consent from the persons shown in the image are obtained and that in particular no personal rights or other rights are violated by use.

Furthermore, it is guaranteed that the image does not violate copyright-, competition-, data protection-, telemedia- or trademark law.

3. Indemnification

SV-M GmbH shall be fully indemnified upon first request against all claims of third parties that may be asserted in connection with the use of the image. The indemnification includes in particular the reimbursement of the costs for legal defense and prosecution.